Ingredients to look for in oily skin creams

Well, there is no doubt that oily skin can be a major hassle. When you have such a type of skin, your face will appear greasy and shiny. This, in turn, may affect your self-confidence level. Besides, women with oily may develop acne as excess oil can clog the pores. However, you don’t have to worry about it as now you can manage your skin easily and prevent acne or dark spots using the right face cream for oily skin types.

A good face cream will hydrate your skin and can also improve blood circulation. Besides, it can also make your face feel and look younger. So, choosing the right cream for your oily skin is crucial. And you need to make sure that the cream can treat skin problems. To help you with this, here are some major ingredients that you should look for in a face cream.

Why is it important to use face cream or moisturizer for your oily skin?

According to some studies, women who have moisturized their facial skin tend to have smooth skin for a longer time. Besides, their complexion will also be good. But why? No matter whether you have dry or oily skin, you should use face cream. With this, you can maintain the healthy cells of your skin, lowering skin irritation. Moreover, issues like acne, breakouts, fine lines or pimples can be effectively treated by using an oil free moisturizer or cream. So, check out these ingredients while buying a face cream for your skin to enjoy the desired results.

  • Water-based product

While buying a face cream, you should make sure that the cream is water-based instead of oil-based. Why? Most water-based face cream will be light on your skin. Besides, they will not make a face look greasy. But an oil-based cream can be very thick and can clog pores. As a result, your skin may develop acne.

  • Make sure it has retinol

Many skincare experts have emphasized the amazing benefits of retinol. This ingredient belongs to the Vitamin A family. Whether one wants to prevent acne or lower the blemishes on the skin, this can work great. How? In general, it can speed up cell turnover. In oily skin, this process unclogs pores. It can also lower the oil amount in your skin.

  • Paeonia suffruticosa root extract

Different studies have proved that this natural ingredient can lower hyperpigmentation. This is a condition where your skin will become darker in some places, and you may develop small black spots. It has proved to be effective in reducing melanin. As a result, you can maintain your natural skin color for years.

  • Salicylic acid

It is also called beta-hydroxy acid. In general, this ingredient is widely used to treat acne. Moreover, it triggers the penetration process of other ingredients present in the face cream. So, you will enjoy all the benefits of using a face cream for oily skin. However, make sure that the product you are buying has less than 10 percent salicylic acid.

  • White birch

This ingredient is highly purifying, absorptive as well as balancing qualities. It can help in eliminating impurities and toxins. This ingredient has proved to be very effective in soothing irritated and sensitive skin. And it also plays a great role in reducing and hydrating your oily skin.

  • Glycolic acid

This ingredient can treat melasma as well as pigmentation. Besides, in the medical industry, it is considered a powerful anti-acne ingredient. In oily skins, it can lower oil production. But go for an oil free moisturizer that has 6 percent or above glycolic acid.

  • Azelaic acid

As per some studies, azelaic can effectively treat dark spots and blemishes. So, this ingredient should be there in the face cream you are buying.  However, a cream with 10 to 20 percent of azelaic acid is recommended for oily skin.

Some also suggest using face creams with dimethicone. This is an effective alternative to oil-free creams as they perfectly mimic all the properties that are present in oils. However, it makes your skin dry and smooth.

So, check out for these ingredients while ordering a face cream. Are you looking for a perfect oil-free moisturizer with the ingredients that your oily skin wants? Well, you can trust Kiehl’s Clearly Corrective Brightening Smoothing Moisture Treatment face cream. This powerful hydrating moisturizer can reduce dark spots while enhancing your skin tone. On the other hand, the cream also controls the formation of melanin.

This is also a good face cream for oily skin and contains clinically-tested ingredients such as activated C, glycolic acid, white birch, lavender oil, Paeonia suffruticosa root extract, butylene glycol, and more. You can use this cream during the day as well as at night. So, don’t think much and get it now to take good care of your oily skin.

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