JIRA – What the Software Offers for Your Project Management?

Along with the innovation in the business world, project management comes offering built-in software. JIRA software helps businesses to increase transparency and respond quickly to customer demands. To achieve your project goal, this software offers advanced features and various benefits. In this JIRA review, we will discuss what the software offers for your project management.

Why Do Many Businesses Use JIRA?

JIRA project management tool ensures that your project is stress-free. This way, you and your team members can get started and complete the project effectively. With this software, you can easily:

  • Assigns tasks
  • Coordinate issues and subtasks across the team
  • Manage workflows
  • Tracks progress

JIRA software also helps you to change the permissions of some tasks on your team. It allows you to change or edit the certificate at any time during the project. The best thing is, you will have the opportunity to use the software and add your own style to this agile technique.

What Makes JIRA Different?

The JIRA management tool supports both web and mobile applications. This way, you can easily keep track of all the project status. Eventually, you will be able to handle different levels of complexity. The software enables you to balance the agile framework.

In addition, you can also use it for capital investment. Yes, JIRA software will help you to operate cost calculations and cost classification. The software contains various task-related processes. Therefore, it will make it easy for you and your team members to meet the dependencies in an ongoing project.

Below are some features that make JIRA be different from other software.

All-Inclusive Dashboard

JIRA software is the best one to use for budgeting. The software comes with four simple classifications based on status.

  • Pending
  • Executing
  • Expired
  • Closed

If you need an inclusive forecast of all phases of the project, JIRA is your best option. You will find multiple budget-based health metrics such as sales, costs, and profits with just a few clicks.

The JIRA management tool also enables you to calculate the billable time along with record a timesheet. By using the software, you can work on Capex and Opex, as well as for deciding a fix. The best part is, you can have real-time access to all the budget reports.

JIRA project management tool helps to Identify risks

There are some risks you will need to face such as:

  • Lack of resources
  • SWOT analysis
  • Project documentation
  • Customer reaction
  • Budget planning
  • And more

With JIRA software, you can be more focused and keep everything up-to-date.

The Benefits of Using JIRA Software

Use JIRA from Anywhere

Another very beneficial aspect that makes JIRA different is that it gives you easy access through mobile apps and tablets. At the JIRA demo, the software shows how it makes it easier when you are on the go but still get connected to your team on the same platform.

Most importantly, it also offers a plug-and-play option. This allows you to connect and add the software itself. You can also integrate many popular apps into JIRA software. Additionally, the platform is compatible with IOS and Android devices.

JIRA offers two types of versions:

  • The Cloud version
  • The Server version

For both versions, you will have the option to set the fields. Then, you can look for the automatic mode of the task.

Helps to Improve Visibility

Visibility is the basic and most important aspect of any software development. Two things can slow down the entire process:

  • Lack of transparency
  • Planning depending on the start and end time of the task

The JIRA management tool helps to solve this problem. The software will help to improve communication between the development and your team members. This way, all team members will get to know the start and end times of every task.

Provides Better Prioritization

When implementing and developing software, the most essential thing is to properly prioritize individual tasks. JIRA software makes it easy for you to manage which tasks are more important than others. You will also be able to prioritize when the task is created.

By prioritizing your tasks you and your teams will be able to complete tasks faster. Accordingly, it will be more appropriate to meet the deadline set.

Assists in Increasing Productivity

When you create a task in JIRA software, it will automatically generate a list. This will help your team members to identify the next task they need to perform. We know that high productivity is a desire of all businesses. Well, JIRA can be very helpful in increasing this.

Get the Free Plan from JIRA Software Cost

This one is the greatest benefit you will get. Yes, JIRA software is free. The premium features are also free. However, for larger businesses that need to develop their projects, there are also various pricing plans offered by the software.

Easy Time Tracking

The JIRA project management tool allows you to track the time of each task easily. In addition, you can also track down the time spent on each task, right from start to finish. When the tasks are created, the creator will assign the estimated time. Accordingly, the testing tasks, the API development (coding for back-end), and UI development (coding for front-end) will be included. After the completion of every step, any team member will be able to update the spent time.

Based on the time spent, there will be a chart generated. This is known as BURNDOWN CHART. The chart will indicate how the tasks are going on according to the completion speed of the tasks.

Offers Seamless Report Generation

The JIRA management tool is very useful for downloading reports for future use. The reports will be based on the time spent on the task. Moreover, the software also provides a way to download a list of tasks, assignees, and all the information related to each task.

How Much Does the JIRA Cost?

Speaking of JIRA software pricing, as mentioned above, you will find a free plan in various JIRA pricing plans.  The best part about this free plan is that it will always be free. You can use this plan for up to 10 users. Meanwhile, you can also choose the Standard plan by paying $75 per month. Ultimately, you can go for a Premium plan by paying $145 per month.

Nevertheless, JIRA software offers more than what you can expect from a project management software.


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